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About me


Hi there!

My name is Sunna and I´m an Icelandic vegan enthusiast.

I started my blog journey because I wanted to express my passion for veganism in food, fashion, skin care and life itself (corny, I know).

When I was 16 years old I “accidentally” saw a video of how animals were treated in a fur factory. This video is without
a doubt the most horrifying sight that I’ve ever come across with. For years it made me terrified of fur, really terrified. The anxiety became overwhelming. I couldn´t touch anything that looked like fur, I couldn´t be around it, look at it or think about it. It didn´t really matter whether the fur was real or not. It reminded me of that horrifying video and that was enough.

From there I became much more aware where the things I bought and consumed came from. But still not enough. I’ve never ever put on a fur since then but I hopped on and of the vegetarian train until I became vegan overnight in 2015.

That night I watched Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy (yes, like everybody) and read all about the wool business in Australia and new Zealand. Since then it’s no turning back.

I don’t really recommend developing an extreme anxiety to become vegan but I do encourage you to be a little more aware about the history of the things you buy. To make it more easy for you, here I am showing you a simple easy peasy recipes that are beginners friendly as well writing blogs about ethical vegan brands that I like and recommend.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional cook. I am only doing this out of passion for food and veganism. My recipes should be looked at as a guidance rather than a holy formula that may not change. If you like more salt in your dish by all means add more salt. Or if you don’t like carrots, skip them! You are in control of your own dish. Try to find out what you like and simply use my recipes as a guidance. You do you! 

With love